Twos & Threes

Our two-year-old and three-year-old programs are designed to give your child a strong beginning to their journey of learning. Our primary focus is to help each child identify and regulate their emotions, and teach them how to interact cooperatively with their peers. Your child will participate in activities pertaining to social growth and the establishment of small and large motor skills. We use creative and innovative techniques to help establish a strong foundation in each child, giving them the tools to approach the world with confidence.

Daily Activities:

A designated arts and crafts time allows your child to cultivate their creativity and originality through fun projects. Reading stories and looking at books stimulate your child’s development of speech and the understanding of sound and senses. Singing interactive songs and listening to music increases your child’s familiarity of music as they enhance their skills in rhythm and memorization. Classroom time allows your child to learn and grow through interactive games and stations, while outdoor play offers them the opportunity to explore the outdoors in a safe and fun environment.

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