Sunny Ridge Kids Child Care


We have been serving the Madison Area with quality childcare for over 50 years.

Years of Experience

Teachers have served our program for more than twenty years!

Spacious Facility

In 2002 we added a beautiful and spacious indoor gym where children can enjoy sporting activities when the weather outside is uncooperative.


We provide transportation to and from local Madison schools.

Enrollment Information

Find out more about enrollment for ages 0-12

Call: (608) 244-6098

We Provide

  • A trained and qualified staff that is educated in keeping with State Licensing Regulations. The longevity of our staff is outstanding in the field with most having tenure of between five and ten years.
  • An educational preschool program (ages 4-5) that fully equips children for their kindergarten experience.
  • Before & after school care designed for parents with children in elementary school requiring care before and after regular school hours.
  • Nutritional meals designed to improve the diets of young children and increase the opportunity for children to eat a variety of nutritious foods.

Get to Know Us

Sunny Ridge Kids Child Care was founded in 1972 and has been serving the greater Madison community for over fifty years. We understand that childhood is an important, formative time when children need loving guidance, positive social interaction, and a safe environment. Sunny Ridge Kids offers caring, compassionate, and quality child care for children ages 0 – 12. Our greatest priority for each child in our care, is to develop the “whole person” by addressing their emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well being.

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